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We have been lucky to work on a tremendous amount of cases from young athletes to professionals meeting the end of their careers and making the transition.


In this matter, we have built a reputation for our processes and reliability.


We have refined our selection process to offer high-end quality services to the players who put their trust in our organization.

U12 - U16 (Pre - Academy)

U16 - U19 (Academy)

U19 - U23 (Pro & Post Academy)

U23 & Above (Pro)

Our network with clubs and football associations enables us to propose and assist Managers and their staff.

We now work worldwide and are always on alert if any opportunity arises.


We assisted clubs on their recruitments, on the one hand through our players under exclusive or non-exclusive representation. On the other hand, on players, we seek according to the specific needs of a club.


We also work with partners able to propose services to clubs (Sponsors, Suppliers, Financial Partners, Insurances).


We offer assistance to organize and select Summer and Winter Camps, and Friendly Matches when needed.


From 2014, we have been involved in club sales and assistance to investors to identify and measure club purchases in Europe.


Football is an industry were many paths can be cross. 

Brands and Corporations can be interested in working with our clients (Players, Coaches, Clubs, Football Associations) or network locally or internationally. ​

This is an activity where imagination can lead to great projects.


Our activities for Football Associations have been spread across numerous duties.

We assisted FAs in finding friendly games, tournaments for their National Teams (A, Women or Youth)

We assisted FAs in selecting Managers, Technical Directors or Staff on contract or mission basis.

We assist FAs in building funded projects from FIFA.

We assist FAs on their endorsement and Commercial contracts.

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